Connecting you with your pets, living and in Spirit!

I support you to understand your pet’s health or behaviour issues, deepening your relationship.

I connect you with your beloved pet in Spirit, bringing healing, comfort and joy.

Photo of Emma Tillyard, animal communicator, holding a small dog and smiling at the camera

“When our cat, Tink, suddenly fell ill, I was blown away by Emma’s accuracy in describing symptoms and compassion in comforting me and sending healing to Tink. Thank you Emma!”

Cat Tink and her guardian, Laurie

“Thanks to Emma’s intuitive skills, Jenna was able to ‘Speak from spirit’ and to provide comfort, reassurance and inner peace to myself and my husband.”

Cat in Spirit Jenna, and her guardian, Kate

“Emma is amazing! She really connected with my fur babies. I am already seeing a difference in the areas of concern that I asked her to talk to them about.”

Dog Roxy and cats Cannoli, Eowyn and Carl and their guardian, Allie

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How can I help you?

Is your pet behaving oddly? Do you have a health concern? Are you heartbroken over the loss of a beloved pet?

I’ll help you understand your pet’s behaviour or health queries, understand how to help them and work together on the query.

I can also connect you with your pet in Spirit to receive beautiful comforting messages.

I carry out Animal Communication remotely, using a photo of your animal. I communicate telepathically with them; this is your animal’s chance to hear your questions, have their say and suggest possible solutions. I feed back to you via Zoom, and include a BONUS special message just for you! I then send a written summary of the communication.

After working with me, you’ll have a clearer understanding of your pet’s point of view and needs and a deeper bond.

For pets in Spirit, it can lead to deep healing, peace of mind and joy!

Behavioural Query

Is my dog happy?

Will my cats ever stop fighting?

Why is my horse suddenly spooky?

Why is my dog reactive?

Pet scared of fireworks or travelling in the car?

Animal Communication allows them to say what they want or need, what is happening from their perspective and how you can work together. This leads to mutual understanding, respect and a potential solution to the behaviour.



Health Query

Why has my cat stopped eating?

How can I help my dog live his best life with his health condition?

Does my horse still want to go for rides?

Animal Communication gives your animal the space to tell you how they feel, what is important from their point of view and what help they would like. It gives you peace of mind that you know what they want and need.



Animal in Spirit

Are you heartbroken over the loss of a beloved pet?

Or perhaps you’d like to memorialise your pet in an album or booklet?

Animal Communication lets them show they really are still around you, sending you signs that you can look out for! It provides comfort, closure and healing. It helps you navigate the grieving process, leading to healing and peace of mind on a deep level. It can be very joyful!



Photo of Emma, sitting on the floor with a small brown dog

About Me

I’m Emma Tillyard, UK-based Intuitive Animal Communicator.

I’ve wanted to work with animals for as long as I can remember. It was my dog, Oscar, who led me to animal communication!

Clients say I am caring, gentle, compassionate and gifted. I am easy to work with because my processes and timelines are clear and my communications are detailed, accurate and professional.

One thing I love about animal communication is the beautiful and surprising messages and advice they have for their humans, as well as the secret jobs they do for us – all without us knowing!

“My wife and I have loved reading this together. Thank you so much Emma, please do this for as many people as you can, it made me well up!”

Jordan’s pack of dogs

“OMG Emma!!! What can I say??? Bloody amazing! You’ve summed him up completely. Honestly can’t thank you enough!!!! It’s remarkable and extremely emotional but healing like a weight lifted!!”

Nicola and her childhood dog in Spirit, Whiskey

“I have had readings following previous losses and have to say, none matched my experience with Emma for clarity and understanding. She is truly gifted in her work.”

Amanda and her horse in Spirit, Mac

“4 years of hell and now one week of bliss!!!!! Hi Emma, The dog has been absolutely amazing with the cat. I am SO proud of him! Thank you so much.”

Zoe and her dog Deefer


If you’d like to learn more about animal communication, here are a few book recommendations:


Book cover of 'Dogs say the Darndest Things'

Maia Kincaid – Dogs Say the Darndest Things, Are You Listening?

A beautiful introduction to some of the profound, beautiful and loving things that dogs have to say to humans.

Book cover of 'Conversations with Companions'

Joanne Yeoh – Conversations with Companions.

This book gives a lovely simple introduction to questions you can put to your animal companion.

Book cover of 'Animal Lessons'

Danielle McKinnon – Animal Lessons.

If you’re ready for a deep dive on how your animal companion is helping you, this book is for you. Be warned, it’s deep and wastes no time in getting straight to some core issues!

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